What We Do For You
  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with all parties to the transaction, ensuring all parties have accurate, up-to-date information throughout the process.

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the title to your property in the public records.

  • Address all outstanding issues affecting the title including any existing liens, defects or challenges to the title.
  • Obtain mortgage payoffs, tax records, homeowners association assessments, etc., to ensure all existing debts are satisfied at closing.

  •  Work with you, your Realtor and your lender to obtain surveys, pest inspections, hazard policies, etc., per the real estate contract or the lenders' instructions.

  • Conduct friendly, professional, "on-time" settlement by a knowledgeable settlement agent.
  • Collect and distribute all funds to appropriate parties.

  • Record all legal documents in the public records, including deeds and deeds of trust.

  • Provide new owners and lenders with title insurance policies insuring a free and clear title to your property.

  • Mailaway closings and document explanations over the phone at your convenience.
  • Underwriting and legal counsel available to support you, your Realtor and your lender.
  • Only licensed settlement agents conduct settlements.
  • In-depth knowledge of real estate contracts.
  • Complete understanding of title insurance policies and types of coverage.
  • Education and training for industry professionals and consumers.
  • Convenient settlement location.

Emerald Title

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